We've had a makeover!

After 12 months of hard work, we’re so excited to show you the new Parlour Room. We’ve totally transformed. Our new space, designed in collaboration with The Make Haus and FAF Woodwork, has been developed to bring you the most luxurious beauty experience possible. Our sophisticated new space features marble bench tops, metallic finishes, modern art and chic furniture. We’ve added a stylish new private suite upstairs, along with a tranquil facials room and state of the art Omnilux treatments. Take a look at our new salon below, or better yet, make an appointment and let us spoil you in our beautiful new space!

058A5093 1.jpg
TheParlourRoom_040918_11551 1.jpg
TheParlourRoom_040918_11517 1.jpg
TheParlourRoom_040918_11568 1.jpg
TheParlourRoom_040918_11562 1.jpg
TheParlourRoom_040918_11577 1.jpg
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TheParlourRoom_040918_11471 1.jpg
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TheParlourRoom_040918_11648 1.jpg
TheParlourRoom_040918_11657 1.jpg
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TheParlourRoom_040918_11074 1.jpg
TheParlourRoom_040918_11108 1.jpg
TheParlourRoom_040918_11666 1.jpg