We talk with fashion blogger and Chronicles of Her founder Carmen Hamilton

This week we talk about beauty with Fashion Blogger and mind behind Chronicles of Her, Carmen Hamilton.

TPR: What does beauty mean to you?

Carmen: Nourishing and caring for your body from the inside-out so that you can be the best version of yourself and radiate happiness and positivity to those around you.

TPR: What does weekly beauty routine look like?

I'm very low key! I do a double cleanse and moisturise daily, and try to squeeze a face mask in on the weekend (I'm all about 'self care Sundays!'). I also try to add the Beauty Chef powders and Elixirs to my water throughout the week while I'm at my desk, and get at least 7 hours sleep a night.

TPR: What is the one beauty treatment you cannot live without?

Probably a manicure! But then I also love a good massage when I'm stressed... and a spray tan... and a facial... haha.

TPR: What is your favourite thing about the new Parlour Room?

The marble upstairs! And the treatment rooms - my last facial there was so relaxing!!

Be sure to follow Carmen and her growing empire on her  insta .

Be sure to follow Carmen and her growing empire on her insta.