June Face of The Parlour Room - Hana Smith

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June Face of TPR

Hana Smith

Each month we showcase one of our amazing clients or staff members, to find out more about their unique versions of beauty. Whether they are teachers, personal trainers, CEO’s, influencers or full time mums, each and every one of our clients is special to us.

Our Face of The Parlour Room for June 2019 is Hana Smith!  Our beach babe Hana is a regular client at the nail bar. We spoke to Hana about her favourite beauty trends right now, her best body loving features and why she continues visiting us!

Q: How long have you been coming to the parlour room?

HS: Almost 2 and a half years!

Q: What is your go-to feel good treatment and why?

HS: Getting my nails done at The Parlour Room is my way of treating myself. When they are professionally done I feel great and look professional for work too.

Q: What is your favourite beauty look right now?

HS: I love natural beachy hair and golden glowing skin!

Q: What do you love most about coming to The Parlour Room?

HS: The Staff, who are always friendly! I get to see Amy (my beautician) and have a good gossip. Also the consistently good products used for treatments

Q: What is your favourite feature of yourself?

HS: I love my smile! And I have been told my eyebrows are pretty good haha

Q: Real tan, Fake tan, no tan? Why?

HS: Real tan! I am 100% a sun worshipper, I LOVE the beach!

We would like to thank Hana for chatting with us, and we hope you find yourself gossiping alongside Hana in salon very soon x