Mandy Grey explains the brilliance of Omnilux Light Treatments  

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Making our clients look and feel amazing is so much easier when the products are amazing. This month we are focusing on the luxurious Omnilux Light Treatments

To find out more, we enlisted the help of Mandy Grey, the Founder, and Owner of True Solutions International, the main distributor of Omnilux. Mandy has a wealth of experience in the cosmetic industry and is considered an Australian industry icon by many of her peers.

We quizzed Mandy to find out more about light treatment facials and why they are so beneficial for our skin. To complement our Q&A with Mandy, we also have an Unlimited Omnilux Light Treatments Special for $599 in the month of June, to help you get over the winter blues.

Q: What is Omnilux and How Does it Work?

Omnilux is a device that is used to promote skin well-being through a series of very specific LED lights. LED Light Treatment was originally created by physicist Dr. Colin Whitehurst in the UK, in conjunction with Manchester and Birmingham University and Hospitals. It has been on the market for 15 years with no adverse reactions and consistently positive feedback.

Omnilux works by naturally triggering receptors in the skin to create a wound healing effect, such as wrinkles which are just a wound of time!

The light treatment helps to develop more collagen, hyaluronic and glycosaminoglycans (for skin density). This process, therefore, helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone, while hydrating and plumping skin.

The increase of blood flow to the skin causes macrophages to remove debris in the skin, so you get a skin detox – clearing and brightening your skin.

Q: How to know if Omnilux is right for you?

Omnilux treatments benefit almost everyone – particularly with the Revive (Red Light), most people see an immediate glow making it perfect for a special event. While the immediate results from the one treatment are evident, it is only after a course of treatments ( generally 9 treatments over 4 weeks ) that the incredible results are truly observed!

For anyone with skin that is looking tired, sun damaged or unevenly toned and wishes to have smooth, firm and clear skin, you will benefit greatly from Omnilux Light Treatments.

Q: What are the benefits?

There are so many benefits from Omnilux including clearer and brighter skin that becomes deeply hydrated and firmer with more collagen and elastin.

Omnilux Revive gives your skin an incredible GLOW that makes it the perfect treatment for any special occasion!

It is particularly ideal for brides-to-be as part of their pre-wedding skincare regime – and also the Mother of the Bride! We also find that clients have an overall feeling of well-being after their treatment as it increases the serotonin levels!

Q: Is there any downtime?

With Omnilux you can get up and go post-treatment. It’s a precise 20 minutes and then you can go about your normal daily activities.

Q: Based on your experience with Omnilux, what are your 3 top tips on how to protect your skin from ageing?

Sunscreen every day, best supported with a mineral like PRIORI Minerals with SPF15 over the top, and regular monthly treatments of Omnilux, though once or twice a year do a course of ten close together (once or twice a week). It’s also vital to keep exfoliating your skin, to reduce the dead cell debris. That is easily done by adding an AHA Lactic product, generally a serum like PRIORI Skin Renewal Crème, and regular monthly clinic-strength professional peels.

Q: Spray tan or natural tan? What do you prefer and what why?

A spray tan is the least detrimental for your skin!!!

Q: We worry about sun damage in summer, should we be cautious in winter too?

Absolutely. Sun damage can happen all year round. We always recommend that you use a broad spectrum of sun protection every day as part of your skincare regime.

We would like to thank Mandy and the Omnilux team for their ongoing support.

Come and try our Omnilux Light facial today, or grab the June special of Unlimited Omnilux Light Treatments for $599* while is lasts! X

*treatments are valid for 30 days from date of purchase. Offer valid until 30th June 2019, based on a minimum allowance of 48 hours between treatments. Appointments are 30 minutes each.