4 Reasons Why White Noise Will Change Your Life

The term “white noise” is one which we know you would have heard being thrown around a lot lately.

“White” noise refers to a sound signal which is used to mask background sound.

We all work crazy hours, squeeze in social time, travel for work and where possible, travel for pleasure too. This makes a basic necessity of actually getting a solid night sleep near impossible due to lack of consistency for many of us.

Who else just yawned? Oh, we feel you don't worry.

Trouble sleeping?

So, here are the top 5 reasons why white noise could be your new best friend:

  1. It helps you to create a nightmare ritual

    Does anyone else get into bed and suddenly think of all of the things that didn't get done today, discuss schedules with your partner, or scroll a feed aimlessly?

    Whether you sleep alone or not, its an amazing way of training the mind that its time to unwind together and get into a relaxation zone.

  2. Create your own sanctuary

    For the best sleep, you need the best environment for sleeping. White noise can help to drown out the sound of the bus, the planes, the animals, the birds; whatever it is that is distracting you from getting into your sleep zone.

  3. It helps to shut down your thoughts

    Your brain is busy enough of the time. Once you have slept with white noise for a few nights and you begin to get used to it, your brain will start to associate the noise with switching off and sleep.

  4. Stay in a better, deeper asleep

    This can be the real problem for a lot of people. By creating a mask for sounds that may otherwise wake you, white noise will protect your body's cocoon of sleep, or help you to drift back to sleep faster.

TIP: whichever track you choose, make sure you click on “repeat” otherwise you might find yourself being woken up by screaming eagles in the next track ;)

Some of our favourite noises on Spotify are:

Pebble Beach by Echoes of Nature - Click here to listen

Brain Relaxation by White Noise - Click here to listen

This can also work for the kiddies, so why not give it a go?

Let us know how you go!