Natalie's Travel Beauty Essentials


Around this time each year the travel bug sets in, as half of Sydney jets to Europe. For the lucky ones who are soaking in the sunshine while drinking Aperol, we have created a travel essentials list. Our list curated by The Parlour Room owner, Natalie Papadopoulos, is the key to your skin looking and feeling amazing while travelling.

If you’re a regular traveller, you’ll know that the effects of flying and different environments can cause our skin to look and feel two decades older. Along with drinking plenty of water and getting some shut-eye, here is a list of travel essentials, which will make your skin shine and keep you safe this holiday season.

Getting ready for the glow

A pre-travel routine is often overlooked, however, this is essential for preparing your skin for all the travel elements (sun, alcohol, different food, humidity, planes and more). To prevent dry skin, which is easily damaged and won't take to the sun well, we recommend our Omnilux Facial. This quick Omnilux treatment increases blood circulation and collagen, while deeply hydrating your skin, to give you a glow before you even get to Italy.

Includes a relaxing hand and foot massage, plus Omnilux light therapy treatment.*

Image: Will Truettner

Image: Will Truettner

Hydration is key

Flights dehydrate and dry out your skin, which doesn't help when you’re exposed to UV rays. Along with plenty of water, we recommend our Hydrating Facial pre-adventure. This enriching treatment nourishes your skin, leaving it plump, soft and dewy. It is our perfect pre or post flight facial! Book online now.

Sleeping beauty

As they say, there is no rest for the wicked. If you’re travelling around, partying and lapping up the sunshine, make the most of your sleep time with Tribeca Sleeping Balm. Rich in antioxidants, argan, rosehip, and camellia oil, this powerful anti-inflammatory balm will combat damage, improve tone and texture and make your skin look and feel hydrated, nourished and fresh for another day of adventures. Available for purchase in salon. Our tip: Use your flight time wisely and wear a mask on the plane. Your skin will be hydrated and fresh for when you arrive.

Essential oils

Vitamin D and a Mediterranean diet might help your skin shine, but Tribeca Glow Oil will get you over the line (even if you’re eating pizza every night). This delicate botanical facial oil helps dry and devitalised skin by restoring essential antioxidant-rich oils. Pack it in with your passport, because this Tribeca product will be your best friend when travelling. Tribeca Glow oil is easily applied and available for purchase in salon.

Sun safe

While we love a natural tan, not everyone is blessed with Spanish skin. We also know that excessive sun exposure not only ages our skin but can be deadly. So while you’re travelling and can't get your favourite spray tan, we recommend using a 50+ sunscreen. It is important to wear it during the day (even with makeup on). You’ll thank us later.

We also suggest using a gradual tanner. The Sunescape Gradual Tanner is an ultra-hydrating moisturiser, rich in antioxidants and essential oils. It keeps your skin subtle while building a gradual tan. It will keep you safe and sun-kissed all at once.
Come and visit us in the salon to purchase your gradual tanner.

For those who are not, to get over the FOMO blues why not treat yourself to a ‘European glow’ with one of our full body spray tans. You’ll feel like you’ve been island hopping in Greece.

For those who are travelling, have fun, be safe and don't forget your beauty essentials. Xx