BROWS: The ultimate guide to your next brow service!

This month at The Parlour Room we have one simple wish: May your life be as full as your brows. Nowadays, brows are an important beauty tool adding aesthetically pleasing symmetry and sleekness to your face. Our therapists can professionally groom your eyebrows to enhance your natural features, accentuate your eyes, frame your face and give you a polished look. 

However, everyone has dramatically different features and faces, so when it comes to brows, one size does not fit all. From thick and bold Cara Delevigne to thin and geometric Angelina Jolie, brows come in all shapes and sizes. So beauty professionals need to be trained to shape your brows to suit you! 

Trusting a service to change a facial feature like your brows can be daunting. This month we got our beauty professionals to map out a step by step guide to your next brow service, so you know exactly what to expect. 

Step 1: The One on One consultation

A one on one consultation with a beauty professional and brow expert is important to define your brow goals and what style you prefer. Ultimately it’s your face and your brows should suit your style! Our goal is to simply help you achieve your desired brow look. 

This part of the process is very important. If clients know what they want, we advise them to bring photos and examples of their brow goals. If you don’t know what you want, let our experts advise you on what will suit your face! 

image 1 .jpg

Having perfect brows does not happen overnight, as it may take a few appointments and some months of growth for your eyebrows to be looking their best. Make sure you map out the best brow process with your beauty consultant. 

Step 2: Brow Mapping 

The therapist will measure out your brows using a pencil to make sure that the desired shape and hair removed will be approved by the client before going ahead.

Image 2.jpg

Step 3: Tinting 

Tinting of the brows to enhance any blonde fine hairs to make brows look fuller & the shape more filled in.

image 3 .jpg

Step 4: Protection 

Applying a protective layer of oil on the skin to prevent any irritation from waxing. We only use hot wax on the facial areas as it is much gentler on the skin.

Step 5: Waxing or Threading 

Waxing or threading of the hairs around the brows to the desired shape. Tweezing any hairs that are left to make sure the shape is left neat and tidy.

image 4.jpg

Step 6: Final Touches! 

Trimming if desired by the client, optional.

image 5 .jpg

Step 7: Work of Art 

Filling in the brows & showing the client the products available to help them achieve their desired look. Super easy to use & quick process so time concerned people don’t need to worry. Once professionally styled, in between appointments you can use an eyebrow brush and pencil to fill them in on the daily. So without makeup, your face will look like a work of art. 

image 6.jpg

Consistent brow appointments will help to prevent you from tweezing in-between appointments so that we can keep your eyebrows looking neat and tidy while they grow into a thicker, fuller shape. 

image 7 .jpg

So embrace your inner brow goddess and book a brow appointment now, to ensure your beautiful face is framed every day!

When you are in salon, be sure to speak to us about our new INKED beach brows product, designed to help you create the big and fluffy look at home. 

We hope you have a wonderful October x

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