5 tips to look and feel amazing with the “no makeup look”


At The Parlour Room we firmly believe that your beauty shines from the inside out. Our challenge to you in March is to embrace your inner Alicia Keys, and go makeup free.

It will give your skin a rest and make you realise how healthy (or unhealthy) your skin actually is.

But if you’re accustomed to wearing make-up daily this can be daunting. To help you take the no-makeup plunge we have collated a list of our top 5 tips.

  1. The most important thing you will ever wear.

    YOUR SKIN! Skin is a vital organ which needs plenty TLC including sleep, lots of water and of course facials. Why not treat your skin in style with our Vitamin C Facial. Our professional therapists work to cleanse, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Often it is differences in skin tone which create an ‘aged look’. The Vitamin C Facial is a powerful antioxidant treatment which will reduce inflammation and even out your skin tone. It helps to reduce fine lines, boost collagen production and improve overall skin radiance - perfect for the no-makeup look. It will make your skin glow!

    Treat yourself to a facial

  2. May your life be as full as your brows.

    Professionally shaped eyebrows help to accentuate your eyes, frame your face and give you a polished look. Beauty therapists can sculpt your brows by waxing, tinting or threading to give your face a lift, making your eyes appear larger and your brows fuller.
    Once professionally styled, in between appointments you can use an eyebrow brush and pencil to fill them in on the daily. So without makeup, your face will look like a work of art.

    Book an eyebrow appointment!

  3. I woke up like this.

    No makeup? No worries. Embrace what we have and accentuate those lashes with a lash tint and or lift. They will make your eyes pop, adding intensity and defining your features to showcase your natural beauty. Our professional therapists offer Lash Lift and Lash Tints to give you luscious lashes at all times, without makeup!

    Book a Lash Appointment!

  4. Polish yourself

    Without makeup we may feel dull and underdressed. That's why it is important to polish yourself in other ways, like by having a great mani or pedi and keeping our hair healthy. With fabulously groomed hair and a mani and pedi with a pop of colour, you can add shine and glow to your overall appearance. We offer a variety of professional nail services and the hottest colours to suit your style.

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  5. You are what you eat (and drink).

    Does that make me an Aperol?
    Our skin is a reflection of our health, so it doesn’t take a nutritionist to know that if we eat CRAP we will look and more importantly feel like crap. Older skin cells are constantly being replaced with new ones, so make sure your new cells are full of the good stuff, not the bad stuff. Remember nutrition also affects our hair, and that includes brows and lashes.
    Obtaining plenty of vitamins, minerals and water from our diet is the best way to feel good and make our skin and hair glow!

    We hope we have inspired you to embrace your natural beauty this March.